Solar Edge Optimizer


SolarEdge optimizers track Maximum Power Point (MPP) at the module-level and thus mitigate shading losses occurring with string or central MPP tracking. In addition, as opposed to micro inverters, power optimizers can track a module’s MPP at voltages as low as 5 volts, a specification allowing SolarEdge to optimize module performance even under severe shading conditions.

SolarEdge Power Optimizers perform solar module-level MPPT and are typically fed into a central SolarEdge SE Series grid-tie inverter on a single string of modules. The parallel design of the optimizers allow for a fixed low voltage, regardless of the string length. The power optimizers work in conjunction with the inverter to allow module-level monitoring and fault detection on the SolarEdge web portal.

Commercial P5 Series Power Optimizers

Commercial optimizers are similar to residential optimizers yet allow two PV modules connected in series or parallel to each optimizer. This results in reduced balance of system cost by using 50% less cables, fuses and combiner boxes. Over 2x longer module string lengths are possible.

Very efficient even in partially shaded conditions

The annual percentage of energy recovered by power optimizers were compared to traditional string inverter systems in shaded conditions. SolarEdge optimized systems generate 2%, 5% and over 8% more energy than traditional string inverters in light, medium and heavy shading scenarios, respectively.