About Us

Eclipse, by providing Solar modules for Solar projects, connects customers to sustain the energy and utilize it at its best way possible.

Solar Panels For Home
& Commercial Use

Run Your Property On Solar Power 24/7

Harness the free, clean and renewable solar power to produce low-cost electricity for your property – be it a small home or a large commercial property spread across acres. At Eclipse Photovoltech, we provide high-quality, advanced and pocket-friendly solar energy solutions. We have India’s best solar systems for homes and commercial properties. Our extensive range of solar panels, batteries and inverters are a notch above competition, ensuring that we exceed all your expectations and fulfill your solar energy requirements.

Turn your Rooftop into Your Own Power Plant and Save Money!

Electricity rates are touching the sky now! And this is affecting everyone – be it a homeowner or a business owner. Solar system installation enables to you fulfill your daily energy requirement, without breaking your bank! You can save up to 82% annually on the electricity bills.



We, at Eclipse Photovoltech, are thoroughly devoted towards our planet, environment issues and humanity which helps us to provide you with to-date, most advanced technologies in solar power at the best possible rates, ensuring utter customer satisfaction. We strive to offer our customers the choice of most advanced and highest quality solar solutions. We are strictly ensure quality checking at all stages of the solar process. In a nutshell, we provide high-quality, advanced and pocket-friendly solar energy solutions. Quality assurance and superior customer experience is our top-most priority.

Why Eclipse?

As we believe in quality and persistence,a customer can rely on our products, as customer loyalty is our mission.


A clear vision to reach the heights of this industry and introducing new technologies and innovative ideas in near future.


Dealing with most advance and complicated structures at very complex roof, we ensure that our customers can successfully get their desired rooftop systems.


To be more efficient in terms of Marketing, Products, Selling and Services provided to our valued customers, also to grow among this industry through best services.